I thought i best drop in!!


So sorry its been such a long long time since i last blogged!! So long in fact we are approaching our third year in business next month!! 

So last time I blogged my husband was in the process of building me a wax workshop which he successfully did ( progress pics over in my Instagram stories from start to finish!) and its amazing. Its so nice to be able to have a space of my own to create all my wax creations for you all. We have grew our customer base quite a lot in the last couple of years also so the extra space was very much needed.

I have also had a dabble over on Tik Tok shop (littleinsults). I did go live a couple of times on there months ago as its quite daunting for a newbie and an odd feeling not knowing who's watching you lol. I encountered a couple of oddballs making stupid comments but going forward I think I just need to excuse the knobheads and try to get out of my comfort zone more so I think I will start going live more often over on Tik Tok so watch out for me!!

Lots of waxy love,

Carly XxX




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