The start of my candle business...

So after completing a degree and graduating from University in the summer of 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic with my hard earned '2.1', I was stumped due to lockdown and the job market not being particularly saturated with good job prospects for new graduates. I decided id take some time out to revaluate my situation and just concentrate on being a good wife and full time mum...whilst enjoying my free time again after years of studying. 

It wasn't until early 2021 that I decided I wanted to set up my own small business, be my own boss and do something that I love whilst giving back to others via donating to charities and helping the environment. I love everything about candles/wax, I've loved them since I was a child and got my first candle kit which once id ran out of wax I started melting down my wax crayons to make them (ha, I don't advise this by the way)! But the thing I love the most, is how the different fragrances evoke my senses, often bringing memories back to the forefront of my mind. So with help from my husband Little Insults Candle Co was born. Each wax melt is hand poured from my studio aka my kitchen and I do everything myself, unless I can bribe the kids to help. 

I am so thankful that I am here doing something that I love. I am beyond excited to see where my journey takes me and honoured that my customers will be a part of it. 

Thanks ever so much,

Little Insults X0X0


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