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Are you tired of your pet(s) smelling? 😒 

Wish you had a solution? 

Well now you do. Our pet perfumes are suitable for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and ferrets. Not only do the perfumes smell great they contain added conditioner to nourish and protect your pets coat. In addition, antibacterial properties ensure that the coat is clean. They are perfect for after you have bathed your pet(s) or as a replacement for if shampoo & water isn't an option. 

Simply spray onto the coat & brush or rub through to remove the dirt, whilst the formula cleans and nourishes leaving behind a delightful scent. DO NOT spray directly at eyes, mouth or ears. Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. 

All scents are unisex. 

As used by groomers who return pets to their owners smelling gorgeous.

100ml spray bottle.