1 Whole Year of Little Insults Candle Co!!

WOW! Well where do I start? My first year in business has been fantastic!! 

I have met numerous small business friends thanks to Instagram and I have the best customers ever who support me so much and really boost my confidence with their lovely reviews, posts & photos. 

Not only that but we have been featured in various magazines, raised money for charity, collaborated with other small business's, won our first ever small business award, been accepted to be stocked in The Range department store online and I am currently having a wax studio aka my workshop built! Phew....deep breath! 

I think its safe to say I have found my calling. I never imagined when I first started Little Insults Candle Co that I would have achieved so much in the short space of a year. Things can only get better! Here's to another fantastic year of being a small business!! 

Lots of love,

Carly Xx


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